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15 Oct 2014

The Times - how many employees are involved in CSA I wonder

From: Liz R (Account suspended)

16 May 2011

Dear Ministry of Justice,

Please willyou be kind enough to poit me in a direction where I can
access justice in regard to the content herein as follows? It is in
email format dated 2006, the circumstances are worse (attachments
on request)

Dear Miss Downes [HM Courts] & Sir Rifkind,

please file the letter (below this) and attachments - I do not have
email addresses for Harris Temperley or CAFCASS.

I am requesting a public inquiry,

Dear Malcolm Rifkind,

I am writing to request you call for a public inquiry into the care
order that affects my son, Jamie Jones, and myself.
It's been a campaign of hate and cover-ups, conspiracy to pervert
justice, and as Mr.Simon Tyler (a friend and director of [mencap]
Equal People KC ) said to me 'it is [case against me] completely

This case against myself has been brought, in my belief, to
cover-up peadophilic crimes against my son, whom is mute and
vulnerable, and I am continued to be villified due to the criminal
withlding of information, conspiracy and perjury of social workers
and CAFCASS involved.

Even to date, outrageous claims such as 'Jamie is still unable to
form a stool [age 13] ' by the current social worker. Erika
Endlien, makes it obvious that there is a major problem there.

I never had preconceived ideas as to what was wrong with my sons
tummy, he often appears to be in discomfort/pain and is widely
reported he 'grabs at' and 'clutches' his guts, and does not 'form
stools' the consistency of stools are not normal, this was
considered to be (after much investigation and endoscopy) to be
inflammatory bowel disease by consultants at the Royal Free
Hospital (2000) or the cause 'behavioural', by CAFCASS and social
workers (current) .

The gut problem I can NOW see from looking at records, coincides
with Jamie beginning attending the Little House Respite Care
facility, and the social worker Tim O'Neill becoming involved, and
from there him building a case against me I believe to cover his
own guilt of attacking my son sexually, I believe my sons' gut
problem to be the direct cause of sexual abuse from this man.

I am requesting a public inquiry and a public police inquiry into
all available evidence .

I wish to inform the police and others of facts:

1. Attached self explanatory letters (sent separately in this
instance via website 'write to them'

2. The social services were aware of how vulnerable we were, Tim
O'Neill specifically
was written to on 6th March 2001 (three months before my sons'
my GP wrote ''..I have today been in touch with Tim O'Neill to let
him know Miss Lucy may need increased support for Miss Lucy at this
time (see letter attached) there followed an assessment with Anne
marie-Wilson and Lettie Blythe (RBKC social workers) in April 2001.
The outcome of the assessment was kept away from the courts, vital
evidence that the social services were well aware of our extreme
circumstances of that time. Despite the fact that BY LAW at that
time, as a carer and as a disabled mother of a disabled child, we
were entitled to a an *implemented care-plan* - we had NO CARE
The result, in my view is *neglect of duty of care* on behalf of
social services being to blame for the situation I found myself on
June 10th 2001. Also kept from the courts were my exchanges with
complaints manager Jane Dykins, where I had requested Mr.O'Neill be
arrested for causing me 'actual bodily harm' by knowingly causing
me added stress by calling me constantly and providing terrible
services which he knew I had to complain of (eg sending different
carers each week to take my son to the park, these carers had no
police checks, were unqualified and could have been anyone, I
refused to allow my son to go with these strangers)

Another time a former RBKC social worker was provided to supply
overnight respite when I specifically requested NO overnight
respite but was refused (by Mr.O'Neill) ALL respite unless I
complied with overnight respite- I had to cancel it as Jamie had
reportedly attacked the former social worker (and my son is an
extremely placid and biddable boy, in my opinion incapable of
attacking anyone) - in short, this whole order began with the
criminal intent of Mr.O'Neill to sabotage myself and my parenting
in order to have access to and continue to abuse my child.

I am being 'eugenically' ordered to have (unquantified) 'therapy' I
believe this violates my human rights.
I have agreed to do anything at all to comply with social services
- it is well recorded. I can't agree to more than 'anything at

Instead they determine to continue to violate our rights by not
allowing us a family life, by not adhering to the original
judgement in any event (please see LSC letter attached *) - I do
not believe I have had a fair hearing since having to represent
myself, I am unwell and I have been forced to be a
litigant-in-person due to being entirely unable to secure the
services of a solicitor despite repeated attempts to secure
assistance from the law society, Resolution (family law solicitors)
etc etc.

Recently my parenting was applauded in a letter to me from social
worker Erika Endlein, who though lied about my flat being a bit of
a mess 'with toys and papers' - I have to remind her I have film of
her visit, and confirm my flat is often untidy, I call the British
public to answer if this is a crime that should deprive me of my

Bearing in mind these facts and also the laws regarding the
acquisition of an EPO and it's legality at the time (taken without
informing me, me having voluntarily called police and social
services on june 10th 2001 for HELP and if it and it's rider
attched (police statement on application of EPO) be looked at you
will see it's contradictions also. In fact my son was placed in
VOLUNTARY CARE, and EPO was *entirely* unecessary and yet another
tool used to vilify me, Mr.O'Neill, again, was the instigator of
the unnecessary EPO (emergency protection order').

At no stage ever was I given a chance of rehabilitation, assistance
or support.

No effort AT ALL was made to keep my family together, I was at the
time (according to my GP) 'acutely grieving [my] mothers death' see
letter attached * (consequently had two years counselling with
CRUSE' bereavement care)

Major lies and evidence (such as the extent of my ex husbands'
[very] criminal activity and violence especially) were kept from Judge
Moorehouse and subsequent judges, that I had not the wherewithal to
place the evidence, [snip]
to be able to represent myself is in fact a violation of natural
laws, disability and human rights laws.

I hereby request a public inquiry into this ongoing case (where
even social services own solicitor admitted to me to withholding
evidence) the evidence I have requested you look at and that my son
be returned to my care forthwith,

Yours sincerely,


Liz R

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Liz R (Account suspended) left an annotation (16 May 2011)

I have been asked to 'forget' my own son, these people are criminals.

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From: Data Access & Compliance Unit
Ministry of Justice

17 May 2011

Dear Ms R,

As explained in previous responses the content of the e-mail below is
not requesting information under the Freedom of Information Act and as
such we are unable to deal with them.

However, in your correspondence below you ask to be pointed towards
someone who will assist you access justice. Please accept my apologies
that I am unable to assist with this matter. You may however wish to
contact your local citizens advice bureau or police force for advice.

Please accept my apologies that I could not be of more assistance.

Best Wishes

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From: Liz R (Account suspended)

24 May 2011

Dear Data Access & Compliance Unit,

Kate- with the local authority 'owning' (so refusing) the CAB and
all other charities in the area my son has NO VOICE And neither do
I - we cannot get leggal assistance in this regard, it's causign a
lot of horror. I hold the leader of the council responsible for
any/all harm that has happened to my son since 1991, before he was
born (due to medical facts posted in files online that will be
released in due course) to date. That's on record. They are
behaving criminally at RBKC, no matter what it looks like, they
have committed horrific crimes. They know what they've done.

Yours sincerely,

Liz R

Subject: RE:
Date: Thu, 25 Apr 2013 13:57:20 +0100

tell me where my son is and we will talk, okay?

Subject: RE:
Date: Thu, 25 Apr 2013 13:56:48 +0100

tell me where my son is and we will talk, okay?

Date: Thu, 25 Apr 2013 13:52:47 +0100

Dear Mr.Holden

thank you so much for your vist/s and letter, the

sentiment is appreicated indeed, I do not use a

wheelchair and am fighting very hard to stay out of


If this about wanting to get me out of my home, you will be dealing with armed forces of whom I have many friends whom are willing to die for me (and you if you remain loyal to British values). They are lovely people and no, I am not moving for anyone or anything, all cons are very tiresome to me, seen them all. I am a behaviorist. Thanks. Where is my son?

I found the courier whom delivered your letter had

pushed over my room-divider, it was regarded as an act

of violence and one I have come to know from RBKC

staff. Due to the lies and violent hatred and

injustice, the kidnap of my son. the withholding of

medical help, and the blocking of services and the lack

of access to justice, I have to ask you to go ahead and

make a court order to indtrude in my life, I have no

wish to be forced to endure more hate from RBKC and

simply wish for some peace, it's is my view it is not

too much to ask that I have apology and respite from

sheer torture of which your department,is clearly very

In short, I am not avaiable for any visits ever, unless

a judge orders it, and would only respond to aplogy,

compensation and a lot more respect/lack of torture,

RBKC is in violation of all known law, I refuse to

entertain draconian action against a lone person doing

her best to protect the freedoms of the British against

a tyranny of greed, perversion and drugs from RBKC


I find any unsolicited communication from RBKC a violation of liberty and offensively anti-British.

I still maintain I could run RBKC for free, part-time, from my death-bed, if asked, and I gaurantee there would be no complaints. *Note to management - end the crookery, end the cons, it's all noted.

Kind regards

Yours sincerely

E.C.Lucy AKA E.C.Robillard
sw5 9ba