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7 Nov 2014

Italian love - Thomas A and Shaolin Philosophy = simplez - *Shaolin Catholic* speakz

I was in bed thinking of Italy and weeping at its incredibly undervalued beauty - all those wonderful, artful, beautiful, kind and loving Italians - the art, the landscapes, the architecture, the hills, the engineering the history -* the  cooking* (ohhhh yessss) - but do they understand Thomas Aquinas? The nice, beautiful saint, born in the inimitable, untouchable, stunning - Naples (like so many of my favourite people) Do they comprehend what (lost translations considered (?))Thomas deduced from Aristotle's view of 'communis'?
Have they read (and more importantly, understood) R.C. Sproul Jr. on this topic?

Was our saint - abused as a child? So many good people are motivated by not only virtuosity - but by justice, social justice. Laveyan's are driven by guilt and injustice. Saint's are driven by good either due to good (not 'special') blood - or any combination of above, but not by guilt. Guilt is for those who do shame and shame is for the wicked and wicked belongs in humour and nowhere else. All good folks know this. All of us are sinners and must do penance for it and god is our judge, so bless us miserable sob's dear Lord and above all, love Italy and the Pope. He's a good man is Francis, do not doubt this Pope too much, but remember, as a man, he is fallible- and consider this: Remember that Shaolin philosophy isn't written about as cat's and dogs, owls and rabbits, mice and ants, don't write books. Just remember, you are important due to your associations, but you are only special to your close ones.

Peace and Love. Elizabeth Lucye Robillard

30 Oct 2014

RBKC - Notice of Legal Action - hope this is public enough for you?

Milne, Dominic



(social services dept)

Notice of Legal Action

Do Not Ignore

Legal action against the authority is underway and the solicitor will
be in contact in due course, please note that all correspondence will
be now recorded. and both copies of correspondence and audio
recordings will be used in evidence, for previous legal activity, see
Lucy V Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea 1997

I will be claiming for damages for
false allegations
human right's violations (not exhaustive)

See also 'Death of Natalie Thomas' video on Youtube and my previous

Yours sincerely

E,C.Lucy aka E.C. Lucy Robillard

29 Oct 2014

Natalie Thomas Death - reported to Ombudsman - note dates - torture report

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Hi - currently am detained on a s3=2C agoraphobic=2C being forced out=2C te=
rrified - traumatised- terrible torture- please help - the consultants are =
Dr's Higgit and Kovacs=2C am in St.Charles' Hospitial. I have no addictions=
=2C I am a buddhist=2C I am a victim of CRIME and there has been a cover-up=
 by rbkc (kensington) police - please try to help me=2C I am being tortured=
=2C thanks=2C Liz=20

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